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The Truth About Peptides

Anti-aging skincare is forever changing. New ingredients are discovered that prove to have phenomenal anti-aging benefits and then become a huge trend. Retinol, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid are some of the major contenders in the game.

A newer entrant in this market are peptides. Here’s everything you need to know about this miracle ingredient:

What are peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acids which make up the building blocks of protein within the skin. Peptides are able to penetrate the top most layer of skin to deliver anti-aging benefits deep within. Peptides boost collagen production which promotes skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles and sagging skin.

How do they work on the skin?

Since peptides already exist in the skin, what’s the need for adding more? We lose 1% of collagen in our skin each year after 30. The skin’s communication channels begin to deteriorate as we age, using peptides helps maintain them.

The human body sees peptides as a signal to boost healing. Your body, in turn, increases collagen production.

Who should use peptide-rich skincare?

Anyone who wants smoother skin that’s also firm will benefit from the use of peptides. They can be used as a preventative measure and therefore, used by younger individuals as well. Unlike prescription retinoids, peptides don’t irritate the skin.

Kinds of peptides available

Silk peptide

Silk peptides are made from silk amino acids which are rich in anti-aging properties. Silk peptides are used in many skincare products because of how easily they are absorbed by the skin and hair. They lock in the moisture in the skin, preventing it from looking sallow and dehydrated. Silk peptide also brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Silk amino acids are water soluble glucoproteins extracted from the finest quality raw silk. Serine is an active ingredient found in this extract which makes it one of the best moisturizers. This ingredient also builds a protective layer on the skin, making it appear and feel silky smooth.

Emortal pea peptide

The Truth About Peptides

EMortal is a pea peptide that’s used to create products by Allurials. EMortal is a stem cell activator that helps with anti-aging. These activators energize sleeping stem cells in the skin to maintain homeostasis of aging skin.

Pea peptide can be used on hair as well as skin to restore its healthy nature. The proteins within this ingredient boost collagen production which improves the elasticity of the skin.

If you’re looking for a one-step solution to your hair problems, our Fragrance Free Conditioner is just what you need. Rich in silk and pea peptide, this conditioner replenishes all the nutrients your hair needs.

We also provide Advanced Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream and carrot seed oil that’s known to improve the appearance of your skin. Our brand uses premium quality ingredients derived from natural sources to prepare luxury products for you. Call 1-888-292-7235 to place an order or for any additional information you might need.




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