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Top Natural Ingredients That Enhance Hair Health

Worried about the health of your hair? Are your curls losing their bounce? Is your hair feeling flat and brittle?

All these problems have solutions, and often times, they lie not in chemicals, but in components present in nature!

Silk Peptides

From silk amino acids, silk peptides can be manufactured, which serves as a very handy ingredient in the industry of beauty and hair care. Their primary quality is to provide moisture, hydrating both skin and hair, and prevent further damage.

Pea Peptides

Peptides extracted from peas, like silk peptides, have some marvelous anti-aging and revitalizing properties to offer both skin and hair. It can aid in alleviating damage to the scalp, locking in moisture, and providing useful anti-oxidant properties. They also help stimulate your hair follicles, leading to increased hair growth, which is a significant benefit for individuals suffering from hair loss.


Whether you ingest it or use it externally, avocado in all its forms is a great source of vitamins, folic acid, amino acids, and magnesium. You can incorporate it as a permanent part of your diet, or use avocado oil on your hair to give it some luster.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is essential for hair nourishment. It gives both your strands and your scalp a fortifying treatment that serves to strengthen hair and keep your skin feeling fresh. This particular ingredient is great for you especially if you have dry hair and frequent breakage.


Flaxseed is chock full of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, which give your hair a beautiful shine and leave it looking healthy and glowing. The seeds are not only great for use externally on your hair to do damage control, but making them a part of your diet also has many merits.

Argan Oil

If you’ve ever looked into improving your hair health, you’re likely to have heard of argan oil. This oil offers excellent hydrating and nourishing qualities, helping curb hair damage and hair loss as a result. This component is particularly beneficial for those suffering from hair damage due to dyes.

Jojoba Oil

Offering vitamin E and B complex to users, this oil can tame the wildest of manes without compromising the natural texture. It conditions the hair wonderfully, helping in detangling hair and reducing frizz.
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