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Understanding the Use of Pea Peptides in Hair Care

The use of proteins is common in products for skin and hair. Various different plant based proteins have proven effective in keeping hair healthy and happy. While peptides derived from wheat and soy has given favorable results, the peptides derived from peas are the ones that have truly outshone other peptides in the way they nourish and look after hair.

What are Pea Peptides?

Consisting of a chain of amino acids, peptides are small chains of proteins that aid in the absorption of essential nutrients. Pea peptides are amino acids that are derived from the common garden pea. Pea peptide is extracted in a translucent liquid form that is lightweight, absorbent and doesn’t have a strong odor to it. While they haven’t been used on a large scale as wheat and soy peptides, there has been research that indicates that the amino acid levels in pea peptides are higher than the amino acid levels found in other peptides.

Pea Peptides and Hair

Pea peptides have actually been used extensively for consumption to improve your health and also for skin care as well. Using pea peptides for hair is fairly recent but it has yielded some of the best results, improving hair texture, health and scalp as well. Due to this, it has been practically used to in a variety of different hair care products.

The best part about pea peptides for hair is the fact that it is very easily absorbed by hair follicles. Moreover, it not only benefits hair, it also has benefits for scalp as well. The best way that you can use pea peptides is by using it in conjunction with a shampoo or a conditioner that has all natural ingredients.

Benefits of Pea Peptides for Hair

Despite the fact that it is not popularly used for hair care, pea peptides offer a wide range of benefits including the following:

  • It has a large range of vitamins, including Vitamin D, E, K and A as well as have a large amount of healthy proteins, essential fats and carbs as well.
  • Contain large amounts of lysine. Lysine is an active anti-aging chemical that helps keeps your scalp young by boosting production of sebum and growth of new hair follicles.
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties and contain anti-oxidants that can keep your scalp happy and healthy too.
  • Pea peptides also help to retain moisture in hair and aids in reducing dryness as well.
  • Promotes growth and repair of damage at a cellular level.
  • Minimizes damage to hair follicles and the scalp caused by UV rays and free radicals to hair.

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