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Ways Fragrance-Free Hair Products Restore Health

Have you always loved the way your hair smells after a hair wash?

Hair products are designed to not just clean our hair—while ironically stripping them off natural oils—but also appeal to our olfactory senses. Can you claim that you’ve never picked one shampoo over another because it smelled better? We know how important this is to customers. But for us, the priority is your hair health and making what is good and not just what smells good.

Fragrances are created with a blend of chemicals that give hair products a pleasant odor. While these fragrances can be found in natural essential oils but a majority of products use petroleum-based ingredients. These chemicals are detrimental to a lot of things in your environment but most importantly your health!

Here are some reasons why fragrance-free products are better for health.

Deceptive Marketing

A lot of the monopolies in the haircare industry cash on their signature smell while marketing. They’ve been using the same chemical compositions to give their shampoos, serums and conditioners the same smell that has now become iconic. With repeated use, this icon can now stand for their brand identity, leaving them in need of little more to make the cut.

This is a trade secret that has often jeopardized the health and wellbeing of loyal customers. With their smell doing the marketing for them, they don’t have to focus on improving their chemical formulae for better results.

However, our products have natural ingredients to speak for their quality. We focus on enhancing the product itself rather than using potent perfumes to mask the ineffectiveness of the product itself.

  Ways Fragrance-Free Hair Products Restore Health

Risk of Dermal Exposure  

The lingering fragrance of a hair serum can make you want to use the product again. But before you do, think of all the health factors you’re risking by doing that. These synthetic chemicals have been known to cause severe health problems such as allergies, birth defects, infertility and even neurotoxicity. 

Remember that when you wash off shampoo or apply conditioner, it’s not washed off completely. The time for which you leave it on is enough for it to seep into your scalp and react adversely.

This is why dermal exposure is a primary cause of health risks due to fragrant hair products. It’s no good having sweet-smelling hair if you’re going bald and developing illnesses at a faster rate.

Risk Of Inhalation

Chemical perfumes are made of small molecules that can dissipate quickly through the air. This is why when you pour a hair product on your palm, your nose is the first to detect its fragrance. Inhalation of these fragrances can affect your respiratory system and even reach the brain (thus causing neurotoxicity).

Migraines, sinuses, asthma and lung diseases are only a few health problems to mention. Inhalation is only one route through which these toxins find way into your system and build up inside to cause problems in the long run.

It’s still not too late to switch to a healthier life style. We offer fragrance-free hair products that are as good for your hair health as they claim to be. We also offer anti-aging retinol moisturizer cream and wrinkle cream. Check out our entire range!





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