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What are Retinols and Why Should They Be in Your Skincare Routine?

Retinols seem to be another skincare fad that’s taken the world by storm. Retinol cream this, retinol mask that—it’s all you hear!

Hundreds of products are being introduced in the market by skincare giants and small businesses alike. There’s a buzz around the incredible benefits and potency of these ingredients to any skincare routine.

The question still burns though: what are retinols?

Understanding Retinols—What are they?

To understand retinols, we must understand retinoids. These are versions of Vitamin A that are both synthetic and naturally-occurring and have been used by skin care experts and dermatologists for decades.

They’re topical agents that possess anti-aging properties, thus fighting signs of aging such as wrinkles, loose and saggy skin, dullness and more. They’re included in dozens of medications and medicinal creams that dermatologists prescribe to clients concerned about aging skin.

Retinoids also offer incredible results for treating hyperpigmentation, acne and a host of other skin care issues.

 What are Retinols and Why Should They Be in Your Skincare Routine?

In more recent years, these powerful agents have become popular in over-the-counter (OTC) skincare treatments and products, and beauty and skincare products in general. There’s greater awareness of their potent nature and the effects they offer.

When retinoids are included in non-prescription products, they’re used in the form of retinols. These are milder, more easily accessible and less intense than their prescription counterparts. However, with continued use, they can be incredibly effective.

How do retinols work?

These vitamins A derivatives can enhance the texture of your skin, whether or not you’re using it for the purpose of anti-aging or not.

This is because they encourage the growth of capillaries and blood vessels, regenerating the skin by doing so. They have a wide variety of benefits for issues like acne, open pores, fine lines and discoloration.

 What are Retinols and Why Should They Be in Your Skincare Routine?

Retinols also increase the production of collagen in the skin, which is why, when used in greater concentration, they tend to increase skin turnover. The process of shedding old skin is like exfoliation and so they act as an exfoliating agent as well.

How to Add Retinols to Your Skincare Routine

Adding a retinol wrinkle cream, for instance, is an easy and convenient way to include these in your skincare. You can get a product that’s mild but effective, and depending on the frequency of its use, you’re likely to see results.  

However, in certain cases, retinols are not recommended for clients. For instance, women who are planning for or expecting or even breastfeeding a child are discouraged from using this ingredient.

On the whole, however, it’s safe and effective and can be included for its benefits easily. If you’re looking to improve your skin and in need of an advanced anti-aging cream, you can order from us!

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