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What are the Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Hair?

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is made from a type of wax that is extracted from a plant of the same name. Also known as Simmondsia Chinensis, this plant is native to Mexico, Arizona and can also be found growing in California.

Scalp Nourishing Effects of Jojoba Oil

The oil is mostly wax based but it is also chock full of beneficial fatty acids. It is actually very close to sebum which is natural oil that is secreted by our skin and scalp so if a hair care product contains this ingredient, you know that it works.
Jojoba oil has a number of properties that make it beneficial for those who have sensitive scalps which are prone to dandruff. The oil is also quite lightweight so it doesn’t clog pores and it acts as a natural fungal deterrent. The oil can also be used to slough away patchy skin and in removing layers of dead skin and dirt leaving the scalp shiny and well-hydrated. However, the way jojoba oil is applied has a lot to do with how effective it can be in the long run.
Our hair growth is dependent on how well moisturized and healthy our scalp is. It is typically well hydrated by the sebaceous gland which keeps generating sebum to keep hair follicles active. If this supply gets clogged up or stops for any reason whatsoever, the scalp can get dry and hair growth will also stop in its tracks. In such cases, using jojoba oil can do wonders since it has almost the same properties as sebum.
However, excess production of sebum can also have adverse effects on the scalp and hair growth. The excess can clog up pores and make hair oilier. Applying jojoba oil can keep the skin moist, cleanse it and remove those blocks thus rejuvenating hair in the process. The result will be oil free and lustrous hair that is manageable.
Most people are unaware of this but hair growth can also be stunted with fungal and bacterial infections on the scalp. In the minor stages, these conditions are not a cause for concern, but if the infection is allowed to spread, hair follicles can get irreparably damaged. The good news is that if jojoba oil is massaged into an infected scalp, it can improve blood circulation and encourage healing giving you a healthier scalp that is free of scabbing and bacteria.
Jojoba oil can also do wonders for scalp health if it is used with shampoos and conditioners. If it is mixed with a shampoo for instance and applied on hair, it can remove sebum which as we discussed before, can cause hair loss if it is allowed to buildup. Even a couple of drops of oil will be enough for this effect to take place but only if it is used regularly.
We have a range of hair care products that contain this oil and its hair rejuvenating properties. Click here for more information.

We have a range of hair care products that contain this oil and its hair rejuvenating properties. Click here for more information.

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