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What are the benefits of Silk Protein for Hair Strengthening?

What is Silk Protein?

Silk protein or silk peptides are extracted from ground silk fiber Bombyx mori, raw silk and other natural sources. It is a vital ingredient for anti-aging, reducing wrinkles, hydrating the scalp and rejuvenating skin which is one of the main reasons why silk peptides are used in so many beauty products.

Active components in this protein include amino acids along with oligopeptides which are extracted during hydrolysis of silk proteins.

Effects of Silk Protein

Silk protein is used in hair care products since it is:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Rejuvenates skin and makes it supple
  • Improves metabolism of the epidermis
  • Activates skin regeneration
  • Restores damaged hair
  • Shields hair from damaging elements

How it works?

Hair is mostly made up of protein called keratin which is responsible for strengthening it and protecting it from damage. If your hair gets damaged or gets low in keratin, using hair care products that contain silk peptides or silk proteins will replenish that supply and make your locks healthier. In fact, products that contain silk peptides can also reinforce weakened strands.

Silk peptides penetrate into the hair bulb and nourish it from the roots up. It moisturizes and nourishes each strand of hair and forms a protective shield around the scalp thus rejuvenating damaged locks and keeping them shiny. It also makes hair strong enough to retain the moisture it needs to remain lustrous and soft.  Hair care products that contain this essential ingredient are known for reducing dryness, repairing split ends and making hair silkier.

Everyone has different hair but those who have had their hair treated or colored a number of times need more protein than others. Chemical treatments break the natural protein bonds which can result in irreparable hair damage if the damaged scalp is not treated on time. Whatever the cause may be, damaged hair can benefit from a balanced intake of protein and moisture which silk peptides can provide.

Hydrolized silk protein replenishes hair with cysteine which is an essential amino acid that can boost kertain production. Since it has a lower molecular weight, silk protein which is hydrolyzed can easily penetrate into hair strands at the molecular level. Once it does, it improves its elasticity and makes it strong enough to prevent it from breaking. The natural shield it provides also ensures a full head of hair remains shiny and retains moisture.

According to several clinical studies, silk peptides also have anti-oxidant properties. This means that they have anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties which when applied to hair care products means shinier and thicker hair. It also makes strands silkier which spells good news for those who have frizzy, damaged or unmanageable hair in general.

So, if you are in search of hair care products that can make hair management easier, then go for those that have silk peptides as one of their ingredients. These products contain natural ingredients which revitalize damaged and dull hair from root to tip. Contact us for more information.

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