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What Can Aloe Vera Gel Do For Me?

Aloe vera is perhaps the most versatile of products used in the beauty world. How many other ingredients can boast the same results for hair, skin, nails; also treating cuts and sunburns?

Long known for its antibacterial properties, the gel extracted from aloe vera plant has found its way into beauty regimes and is used for almost every skin or hair condition under the sun; from getting rid of stubborn mascara to even helping you lose weight!

Here are just a few ways you can incorporate aloe vera gel into your daily beauty routine and reap all its benefits:

Aloe Vera for the skin

Acne-Prone Skin

Aloe vera gel contains within it, countless antibacterial agents which can suck out the impurities from your pores, and effectively kills acne causing germs. Its antifungal properties keep oil and bacteria at bay; the two things which are the biggest culprits of acne.

Because aloe vera has the ability to revive and rejuvenate skin cells, it promotes and hastens healing. This is particularly useful in healing stubborn acne scars and blemishes, leaving you with flawless, baby-soft skin.

Oily Skin 

Aloe vera is an incredible moisturizer for those with oily skin! Because it quickly absorbs into the skin and is non-greasy, it does not leave the skin oily like other moisturizers, and helps prevent breakouts due to excess oil.

Dry Skin

On the other hand, it also works wonders for those with dry, flaky skin. Because it is made up of 90% of water, aloe vera contains a number of hydrating properties which help to hydrate the skin from the inside. This helps reduce dry skin patches and helps heal cracked skin.


Because of its rejuvenating and hydrating properties, aloe vera helps repair skin cells, keeping you looking youthful and fresh for longer. Working as an antioxidant, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sunburns and tans

Possibly the most commonly known benefit of aloe vera gel, the cell repairing properties of aloe vera help repair wounds and burns, and can reduce the irritation associated with sunburns. It can also help your tan fade faster.

Aloe Vera for the Hair



Dandruff can be a pesky problem to get rid of, especially if it’s because of a viral infection or fungus. The antibacterial properties of aloe vera kill off all the dandruff causing bacteria in the scalp, and help keep excess oil at bay.

Hair Loss

Aloe vera helps promote hair growth with its cell rejuvenation properties. It also makes hair follicles stronger, preventing breakage and hair loss.

Dry, Brittle Hair

The water content in aloe vera gels helps hydrate the hair and keeps it looking shinier and healthier by keeping it nourished.

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