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What Your Hair Reveals About Your Personality?

While a person’s hair has always been linked to their appearance. Did you know that your hair can actually reveal a lot about your personality? In fact, when meeting someone for the first time, you can easily make a rough estimate regarding their personality. The following are a few ways your hair reveals your personality to people every day.

Hair Color

The color of your hair does play a role in defining your personality. As a general rule, the color of your hair showcases the following facets of your personality:

  • Brown – Black Hair: Dark hair is connected with thoughtfulness, kindness, intelligence and empathy. Brunettes are also considered to be more serious and motherly.
  • Blonde Hair: Light hair, is often more attractive but while it is looked upon as being more fun, blondes are also viewed as being more flighty, ditzy and dumber too.
  • Red Hair: A person with red hair is viewed as being fiery and fierce, fun loving and wild.
  • Bold Colors: A bold hair color, such as hot pink or electric blue shows that a person is a risk taker and is not conventional.

Hair Texture

Apart from the hair color, the hair texture also speaks volumes too:

  • Straight: Pin straight hair is indicative of perfectionism and shows a tendency to be controlling in every situation.
  • Curly: Curly hair is indicative of fun, high energy and warm hearted with leadership and dynamic qualities as well. People with curly hair also tend to get work done much faster than others.
  • Wavy: Wavy hair is indicative of creativity, a tendency to be laid back and also feel and connect deeply with their emotions too. Independence plays a huge role in their life and they have a tendency to be introverted.

Hair Styling

The way you style your hair also sheds light on your personality too:

  • Center Parting: A center parting showcases someone who is responsible and looking for order and balance in their life.
  • Side Parting: A side parting is viewed as someone who is emphatic, compassionate and cares deeply.
  • Straight: If you tend to straighten your hair a lot, it can be looked upon as a sign of wanting orderliness in your life
  • Curling: If you tend to curl your hair a lot, it can be a sign that you want to add a bit of fun and a little interest in your life.
  • Layers: If you tend to wear your hair in layers, it can showcase that you’re a bit of a perfectionist and require things to be just right.
  • Blunt: If you have a blunt cut, it showcases that you’re driven, goal oriented and someone who is a go getter.
  • Elaborate Hairdos: If you tend to make a lot of complicated hairdos, you can be looked upon as high maintenance.

Now that you know your hair reveals so many facets of your personality, you might want to give it some more care and attention or you can just go with the flow just pick a hairstyle that suits you.

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