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When Is It Time To Go Sulfate-Free?

If you go through the list of ingredients on conventional shampoo bottles you’ll notice that sodium lauryl sulfate pops up in all of them. Sulfates allow you to whip your shampoo into a rich, luscious lather. From bubble bath to toothpaste, sulfates are found in everything!

While it’s understandable to see why such an ingredient may be essential for bubble bath, do we really need it in our hair?

Let’s take a closer look at what sulfates are and how they affect our hair:

What are Sulfates?

Sulfates are essentially foaming agents. They produce a lathering affect that allows the shampoo to spread and clean the scalp of dirt and debris.

The problem with sulfates is that they strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils and proteins leaving it dry and prone to breakage. Consistent exposure to sulfates can cause the scalp to become excessively dry and itchy which also leads to hair fall.  

For many people, using shampoos with sulfates isn’t a big deal, but for others they can cause serious damage to their hair and scalp.

Here’s when you should consider going sulfate-free:

1. You Have Dyed Hair

Sulfates can be quite harsh. If you have dyed hair, constantly washing your hair with a shampoo containing sulfates will cause its color to wash away a lot faster. If you’ve spent a lot of cash on getting your hair dyed, you’re going to want it to last, right?

Switch to an SLS-free shampoo to make your dyed hair last longer.

2. You Have Dry or Frizzy Hair

 Dry or Frizzy Hair

People with dry and frizzy hair don’t produce sufficient amounts of oil on their scalp. Using a shampoo with sulfates strips hair of its natural oils, making it even drier and frizzier.  

Have a curly mane that’s getting harder to manage day after day? It’s time to go sulfate-free!

3. You Have Sensitive Skin or Eczema

The health of your hair isn’t just determined by its shine, it’s also to do with your scalp. Those with sensitive skin or eczema will also have scalps that are easily irritated.

People with dry, flaky and itchy scalps should ditch their sulfate shampoos right away!

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