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Why Cleopatra Chose To Bathe In Milk

Hailing from Macedonian Greece, the co-regent Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, emerges as an icon of flawless beauty. The popularity of her looks had mesmerized people far and wide, including Caius Caesar and Gnaeus, Pompey’s son.

Often misconstrued as an Egyptian-born and the rarest emblem of Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra was Greek and only learned the Egyptian tongue to rule the masses. The complexity of her birth origins and ancestral history often put a rift between both sides because both wish to hold her beauty as a symbol of national pride.  

However, the secret behind her mesmeric attractiveness is not a secret anymore. She’s known to have followed a dedicated regimen of bathing in milk. Milk has, since then, become a revered natural ingredient in skincare products.

Here’s why the Queen then and the women now are leaning toward milk extracts for their beauty regimen.

Deeply Moisturizes Skin

Living in a city means you’re exposing your skin to all kinds of pollution. It’s only natural that you’ll then resort to harsh products to wash off all that dirt and grime. While it may clean your face, it also strips your skin of all its natural oils.

This is why your skin feels dry and crisp right after you use a facewash. This makes your skin even more vulnerable to the elements of nature in the environment and leads to dry cracks and patches on your face.

You need a deep-treatment moisturizer to replenish the oils in your skin and enrich it from within. Goat milk lotion works like a charm on skin types that struggle with dryness.

Paraben Free

Many OTC skin products—especially moisturizers—contain parabens. They’re used extensively in beauty products to increase their shelf-life and preserve the chemical composition for long periods. They come by the names of methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben in the list of ingredients.

This substance is known to penetrate the skin and stay deep within the tissues. A study showed that 5 parabens were located in the cancerous tissues of 20 patients. Since they act like estrogen, they can cause the division of breast cells and trigger the development of tumors. This is why parabens are linked to the risk of breast cancer and reproductive problems.

Whether or not this hypothesis is proven, it’s best to stay away from parabens. This is why goat milk is a safer alternative that does not contain any parabens and is completely free of any harmful chemicals.

 Why Cleopatra Chose To Bathe In Milk

Full-Body Coverage

While skincare brands have now divided products according to areas of the body that they can be applied to, natural products don’t follow that rule. Goat milk can be applied to the entire body and it’ll moisturize all parts of your skin.

Following the example set by the greatest Egyptian/Greek Queen, it’s as safe to immerse yourself in a tub of milk as it is to apply it on your full body. It’ll leave your skin feeling thoroughly softened, plump and smooth!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on goat milk lotion that combines the goodness of milk, almond butter, Argan oil and tea tree.

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