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Why Is My Hair Dry?

Dry hair can be both unsightly and difficult to manage. It’s a constant struggle to tame, style and even harder to figure out why it’s so dry. Dryness, as the name suggests, is from a lack of moisture. However, this condition is caused by a lot of different factors.

Common Causes of Dry Hair

Dry hair can be attributed to a range of reasons—some natural, some due to age, poor health, and habits that cause damage and strip your hair of moisture. Some of the most common causes of dry hair are:

Environment and Weather

This one’s pretty much out of your control. Dry, hot weather tends to wreak havoc on hair, and with summer around, our hair is even more vulnerable to heat and sun exposure. The dry dusty air, swimming and beaching, humidity and even cold air (such as indoor air conditioning, or cold winds in winter) contribute to dryness. So with something like the environment, which is seldom in our control, it’s even more important to take care of your locks.

Wrong Hair Care Routine and Products

Not every hair product targets different hair types the same way. A major culprit in every day routines is shampoo. Using the wrong shampoo can dry your hair out significantly, because of the harsh ingredients present in them.

Try a nourishing, moisture-rich formula, such as this replenishing shampoo from our store.

Why Is My Hair Dry?


Apart from using the wrong shampoo, overwashing is also a killer for moisture, because it strips away the natural oils your scalp produces. So space out and limit your washes to only two-three washes a week and no more.

Ironically, overwashing also causes your scalp to produce extra sebum to compensate. Condition and wash your hair to replenish the moisture, but don’t overdo it. Try out our fragrance-free conditioner or organic AloeVera gel for hair and see the difference!

Styling with Heat

Why Is My Hair Dry?

Heat, as we’ve already mentioned, takes a toll on your hair significantly. When you repeatedly and consistently use heat to style your hair, it strips the moisture away, leaving your hair looking and feeling dull, dry, brittle and sometimes burnt. It’s especially worse if you’re not using heat protection products that work like a shield. You can use our pure Aloe Vera gel as a heat protectant too!

Poor Diet and Hormonal Imbalances

Sometimes the inside workings of our body affect the outer appearance. With hair, nourishment is key; so if you’re not eating the right foods, you can end up causing damage to your mane. Take foods that are rich in protein and omega-3 fats and iron, because these nutrients can drastically improve hair health.

If you have hormonal imbalances or medical conditions, they can also dry out your hair. A lot of the hormones produced in our bodies are essential for storing moisture in our hair, skin, nails and more.

Make your hair healthy again; protect it and give it the love—and conditioning—it needs. Contact us to order our products or check out our Amazon store.


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