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Why You Should Change Your Hair Care Regime This Winter

You’ve never had the best luck when it came to your hair.

But with some hard work and determination, you finally have a hair care regime down pat that leaves your locks looking luscious and full.

And with winter arriving, you feel prepared. After all, your regime worked in summer and spring. It should work in the winter months too, right?

Yet, the result is tragic! Your hair is limp and oily, even after a fresh wash. But is it your fault? Did you do something wrong?

Alas, the problem here isn’t in your hair care regime, but the changing seasons themselves!

hair care regime

The Lowdown on Winter Hair Care

The cold weather can wreck havoc on your hair. The blistering wind, the freezing temperatures, the harsh dryness can all culminate in conditions that leave your hair frizzy, brittle and weak. And that’s something that your hair care regime cannot handle.

Most summer-based hair care regimes involve using products that offer UV protection, humidity control and excess volume. But winter hair care is more about moisture. This means in order to keep your hair nourished, you’ll need products that retain moisture. Leave-in butters, oil-based serums and creams that lock moisture, that’s what you need.

However, even with such products, you have to develop a formula that doesn’t overwhelm your locks. You want to keep your hair hydrated, but not so much that they become limp from being too drenched with product.

Choosing the Best Products!

Not just any product will work for winter. For this season, you need ingredients that are designed to hydrate your locks while keeping it healthy and lustrous, like our fragrance-free conditioners. Ideal for normal to combination hair to dry hair, this product would work well in solving any issues with frizziness and dryness.

However, if you want a special product that caters to damaged and dry hair, we recommend the Allurials Jasmine Conditioner. With its unique combination of oils, this conditioner that’s formulated to suit all skin types enriches your strands, making them glossier, softer and smoother.

Added Bonus!

Now that your hair’s on its way to becoming healthier, another thing you can do to boost the effects of the aforementioned conditioners is use aloe vera gel.

Formulated to soothe the scalp and keep it hydrated, the gel will take care of your flaky scalp while the conditioners nourish your hair!

Prepare For Winter!

Follow our advice! Buy hair care products online from Allurials and keep your hair protected from the winter elements. With our products, you can be sure that your once-luscious locks will return to their former glory!

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