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Why You Should Start Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been popularly used to keep skin clean and healthy due to its strong anti-bacterial properties. However, it’s not just good to get rid of acne. Used for your hair, tea tree oil has plenty of benefits to help improve your hair as well. If you’re wondering why you should start using tea tree oil, the following are a few benefits it has to offer.

Keeps Your Scalp Healthy

With hair, the problem often lies in the scalp and keeping it healthy can be challenging. Even your scalp has pores that get clogged with dirt and other pollutants. This causes itchiness, sensitivity and at times, can even result in stunting growth of hair. With tea tree oil, you can effectively keep the pores on your scalp clean and healthy.

Helps Control Dandruff

One of the biggest hair conditions, dandruff can be caused due to a wide number of reasons. Oily scalp, dry scalp, change in seasons – from summer to winter or even your diet can trigger dandruff. Luckily, tea tree oil can be great in countering dandruff since it moisturizes your scalp as well as controls excess production of sebum in the scalp. This means that regardless of what caused your dandruff to appear, you can make it go away with ease by using tea tree oil.

Has Anti-Bacterial Properties

There are certain skin conditions that afflict the scalp as well and it can be difficult to look after your hair properly because of them. From dermatitis to eczema, tea tree oil’s anti-bacterial properties can help to keep your scalp smooth and happy. With certain conditions, like Malassezia, one can end up having a fungal infection on their scalp that is difficult to treat. Luckily, tea tree oil has also proven to be effective against these bacterial scalp conditions as well.

Can Aid in Hair Growth 

Apart from keeping scalp, clean, free of bacteria and happy by regulating its oil and sebum levels, tea tree oil can also aid in increasing growth of hair. Since it is keeping the scalp in perfect condition, it helps to strengthen hair roots and opens up pores, effectively promoting growth of new hair. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also enable it to get rid of itchiness and dandruff. These are both conditions that weaken the hair follicles as well as cause hair to fall out faster as well.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Due to its potent nature, tea tree oil is best used with carrier oils or products that effectively dilute the oil but do not cut down its healthy properties. This means that tea tree oil will not only last you for a long time but any product with a bit of tea tree oil in them will definitely be more potent as well.

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