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Why You Shouldn’t Follow Hair Color Trends

With every season, there appears to be a new trend being introduced. From balayage to ombre, rainbow colors and more, there are plenty of hair color trends that are dominating the world of hair styling. Each time a new color is introduced, everyone jumps on board to try and recreate the same look. However, if you’re thinking of changing hair color trends, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t follow suit at the drop of a hat


It’s Going to Last

The trend might be around for a month or so but the color you choose for your hair will last for a long time. Unless you choose to get it bleached, the colors will fade and the roots will begin to show until you decide to either get it colored something else. For this reason, really stop and consider if you want the color on your hair. Even semi-permanent colors don’t wash off or fade away immediately so be prepared to have a backup plan in case you end up hating the color.

It Needs a Lot of Bleach

It goes without saying that the darker the hair, the more bleach it is going to require. For certain hair trends like rainbow hair and ombre hair focusing on using lighter colors, you will have to bleach your hair to prep it for the color. This helps the hue appear more bright and vibrant. On the other hand, it is a huge problem since bleach can damage your hair a lot. A lot of the times, people end up with burnt hair that they usually end up chopping off the damaged area.

High Maintenance

The bright colors you choose require a lot of maintenance to keep them bright and prevent fadeout. Once your roots start to appear, you will have to go for a touch up too since the shades are usually not easily done or found on your own. The high maintenance these hair color trends require is often too much work and an added expense. If you’re not willing to spend the time and the resources, you should steer clear of these.

Consider Your Skin Tone

A lot of the time, you’ll see a hair color and fall in love with it but always take the time to consider your skin tone too. Yes, some people do tend to opt for colors without considering their skin tone but they are the ones who are willing to not care about it. If you want a color that looks good on you, pick hair colors that are suited for your skin tone. Keep in mind that you can still follow hair trends but you might want to change it up a little.

For example: If you want to get rainbow hair but your skin tone is darker, change the shades you are using for rainbow from bright ones to more deep tone ones.

At the end of the day, choosing to follow hair color trends is purely your decision but always remember to keep your hair’s health in mind too.

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