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Winter Haircare Secrets

Winters can be quite brutal to our hair. The dry weather causes the hair to become brittle, leads to accumulated static, and results in scalp flaking. Many women complain about hair fall during the fall and winter seasons as a result. Your hair tends to lose its luscious and smooth look during this time of year, which isn’t ideal, considering all the festivities.

Exposure to the cold outside, followed by heated indoor spaces, can draw moisture out of your hair, making it susceptible to damage. This winter, we have some tips to help you rock the most luscious locks ever.

Reduce heat styling 

Heat styling is known to damage the hair follicles and cause breakage. Your hair is already in a fragile state during winter, and heat styling amplifies the problem. It draws moisture out of the strands, increasing breakage and split ends.

However, due to the dull appearance of the hair during this time of the year, many people feel the need to use heat on their hair. Hair texture does change around this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your natural texture. Incorporate hair accessories, hats, and scarves into your protective styles this festive season. Moreover, updos and braids protect the ends of the hair to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

Use oil treatments

Indoor heating and the harsh cold outside dry your hair out. The lack of moisture leads to a flaky scalp and your hair loses its brilliant shine. Use an oil on your hair to prevent this. It will boost the moisture in your hair instantly, making your hair shiny and soft. The scalp massage also improves circulation, which boosts hair growth and reduces hair fall. You will notice less flakes with every use.

Carrot seed oil, for example, is known to accelerate hair growth. It’s also moisturizing, which protects your hair from developing split ends. It also nourishes your hair from within and protects it from UV rays. Even though it’s winter, the sun can still damage your hair.

Lower the temperature on your shower

 Lady with their hair down and a hat.

While winters are a time for steaming hot showers that keep you warm and make you feel relaxed, hot water does draw out moisture from your skin and hair. So, make it a point to lower the temperature on your shower when washing your hair. Extremely hot water strips the scalp of its natural oils, causing the oil secreting glands to work in overdrive, leading to increased hair fall. Refresh your hair in between washes with a conditioner along the length of your hair. A conditioner will keep the hair moisturized and won’t strip it of its natural oils.

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