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Winter Skin Care Products To Include In Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Winters are particularly tough on the skin. The cold and dry weather dries out the skin immensely, causing it to flake and look sallow. During winters, we tend to go paler too since there’s little sun exposure, which means your skin doesn’t have that healthy glow.

However, with the right skin care products, your skin can look as amazing as it does in summer. All you need are the right products that replenish moisture in the skin.

Here are some winter skin care tips you need to add to your regime:

Cream cleansers instead of foaming ones

Foaming cleansers are harsh on the skin as they strip your skin of moisture and oils that keep it healthy and radiant. During winter, that’s the worst thing you can do to your skin.

Switch to cream cleansers during winter. Such cleaners are gentle and rich, while doing a great job at removing impurities from the skin.

You could also use oils to remove makeup and impurities and then wash with a cream cleanser. Oils are the best makeup removers you will find, removing even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick.

Chemical exfoliants are better than physical ones

There are two main kinds of exfoliators for your skin, physical and chemical ones. Their main job is to remove dead skin from the surface to reveal brighter skin underneath. Physical exfoliators work with the help of the beads suspended in the mixture. They buff away dead skin cells, but are quite harsh on the skin and can cause tears if you’re too rough.

Chemical exfoliators, on the other hand, work by peeling away the top layer of skin without any abrasion. This helps with dark spots and scarring too.

Replace an alcohol-rich toner for one that’s alcohol-free

Toners are meant to make your skin feel squeaky clean while closing pores. These are known to be rich in alcohol, which is great to remove impurities, but it’s way too drying on the skin for wintertime. Swap your astringent toner for a mild one that’s hydrating. Simple rose water works well for wintertime, too.

Invest in rich moisturizing creams

Winter Skin Care Products To Include In Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Winters call for more emollient products to use on the skin. Your moisturizer plays a huge part in your skin care regimen. It plumps up your skin, makes it look awake, and stimulates blood flow to the surface. A good-quality moisturizer for winter is essential to lock in the moisture.

Our Advanced Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream is a great product to include in your winter skin care routine. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and jojoba oil ensure your skin will feel well moisturized all through the day. This product also has fantastic anti-aging properties—that make it a win-win for all!

Facial oils work wonders

Winter Skin Care Products To Include In Your Daily Skin Care Routine

For those with dryer skin, your skin needs a bit more TLC (read: tender love and care) in the winter. Now’s a good time to experiment with facial oils. There are many non-comedogenic oils out there that moisturize without clogging pores and causing acne. Natural carrot seed oil is a great example of facial oil to use during the winter months. Massage the oil into your skin at night and wake up to the best skin you’ve ever felt!

Emollient eye creams for wintertime

The skin around your eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face. It is therefore essential to take care of this skin from a young age, otherwise you’re prone to darkness, fine lines, and puffiness around the area. Make sure you’re using an eye cream. The cream you use should have brightening properties as well as collagen boosting properties so look for vitamin C rich eye creams and ones with Matrixyl in them.

If you’re looking to incorporate new products into your skin care regime this winter, Allurials is just the place for you! We carry products like all-natural aloe Vera gel, organic carrot seed oil, and goat’s milk infused lotion that aim to hydrate your skin and make it glow. We deliver our luxury skin care products with free shipping. Win free products by signing up with your email address!


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