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Your Complete Guide to Managing Hair in Hot Summer Weathers

Summers are the time for pool and beach parties, road trips and camping trips. With the weather perfectly warm and the glorious sun out for a frolic, you’re sure to be spending more time outside during summers than in any other weather.

But the hot summer temperatures, the blowing wind and the salty sea can be damaging your hair in ways you never imagined! Summer is the worst time for hair, and can leave it stripped of moisture, dry and brittle.

This summer, protect your hair against the elements with these helpful tips, and keep your mane looking their shiniest and healthiest for your #summer2018 Instagram feed.

Bundle up!

Exposure to the sun can bleach your hair, and can strip your hair of its natural oils. When the hair loses its natural oils, it in turn, produces more oil to compensate, leaving your hair greasy. It can also leave your hair dry and lacking luster, making it appear dull and colorless. Direct exposure to the sun can also fade hair color faster, and may cause your hair to lighten in certain places. That’s not a look you want to sport all summer long!

Instead of leaving your hair exposed to the harmful UV radiations of the sun, invest in a hat or light scarf to cover your head while out in the sun. You’ll thank us later!

Messy buns and braids galore!


Put your hair up in a loose updo like a bun, ponytail or braid to minimize the surface of your hair that gets exposed to the sun. Not only are they efficient, they’re also super cute and flirty!

Say no to shampoos

When your hair is stripped of its natural oils and starts producing more oil to compensate, you are likely to be tempted to regularly shampoo your hair to get rid of the grease.

Here’s why this is a terrible idea: shampoos are designed to leave your hair feeling “squeaky clean”, and play a very important role in removing excess oil from your scalp. But in so doing, they also take away the necessary oils from your scalp, restarting the whole process of oil production.

It is far better to use organic shampoos to keep the greasiness at bay between washes.

Go Short

Summers are a great time to get that trim you’d wanted to get. Split ends rear their multiple ugly heads during the summers, and getting them trimmed will your hair look healthy and groomed.

Treat your hair to spa days

The summers are when your hair most needs some TLC, and putting a day aside to treat it to a deep conditioning treatment with a fragrance-free conditioner at least once a week will give your hair the moisture it needs. Substitute for hot oil rinses once in a while to get your hair the nutrients that got stolen from it in the heat.

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