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A Cut Above: Is Chopping off Hair the Solution to Hair Fall?

Hair fall is the bane of our existence. When we notice small bald spot in the middle of our scalp, most of us don’t pay any heed to it. Winter’s here; hair fall is common during the cold season, thanks to dryness. It’s normal for 80–100 hairs to fall on a daily basis.

But when that isn’t the case, and you end up looking like Ted from Scrubs, it makes you wonder what’s going on.

Did an alien spaceship land in your backyard and shave part of your hair when you were asleep? Maybe you shouldn’t have had Grandma’s greasy-looking roasted chicken at that family reunion. Maybe you should stop browsing through health-related articles online.

Either way, when our hair starts falling, we’re automatically alerted and start searching for solutions. But what we don’t realize is that all the chemicals we put into our hair makes it worse.

Just stop. Stop over-thinking everything. The first step to take is to breathe, relax, and learn about what causes hair fall.

The Causes of Hair Fall

There are various reasons for hair fall. Here are a few to look into:

­ Physical Stress

Physical Stress

Most people don’t know this but physical stress can also cause temporary hair loss. If you’ve been in a car accident or had the flu, the problem has triggered ‘telogen effluvium’, a type of hair loss related problem that occurs when you suffer from physical trauma or an illness.

Your hair naturally follows a growth cycle which gets interrupted when you’re physically stressed. When this happens, it can send a ‘shock’ to your roots, leading to hair fall.

­ Pregnancy

Pregnancy also leads to physical stress because when you’re expecting, your hormone fluctuate shift up and down.

However, hair loss occurs most commonly after delivery than when you’re expecting. But either way, the problem is related to hormones.

­ Lack of Essential Nutrients

Just like our body needs food, our hair does too. If your scalp isn’t getting the nourishment it needs, it will become dry and irritated. This also leads to hair fall. Protein and vitamins are essential for hair to grow strong and beautiful.

­ The Solution

While hair fall can be difficult to deal with, it doesn’t have to take up your time and interfere with your life. Applying organic hair oils 3 times a week can help make a significant difference. Using fragrance-free hair conditioners also helps.

This is because organic hair oils have all the nutrients your scalp needs to keep moisturized and healthy throughout the year.

We offer organic hair oils and unscented conditioners online for all your hair care needs. If you’re in need of organic hair products, feel free to browse through our products to learn more about our services!

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