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Dry Hair? Here’s Why You Should Care!

Have you ever gone for a haircut, only to realize midway that you don’t know whether you’ll be dancing or crying after cutting off inches of your hair?

When it comes to damage control, most of us take the effortless route. This is especially true for our hair. Split-ends? Go for a trim. Head lice? Shave it all off! Dry hair? Chop ‘em. 

We always take the easy way out when it comes to dealing with hair care problems.

But did you know that such problems often have easy solutions?

Problems with hair growth? Use organic oils. Irritated scalp? Aloe Vera to the rescue!

However, it’s always the winter season that gets to us when we least expect it. Dry, brittle, static hair becomes the norm. And dealing with it can be frustrating.

The solution we think of? Get a short bob!

While this works for some people, why not change our hair care routine to protect the hair we have? If you’re still struggling with dry hair even after winter has long gone, here’s what you can do:

Oil Your Hair Thrice a Week

It’s funny that we’re supposed to avoid slick, greasy strands. And yet, that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do.

Mother Nature works in strange, mysterious ways. But did you know that organic oils are actually good for your hair? If you think about it, it makes sense.

Oils are lubricants so it’s easy to detangle your hair. And since they are sealants, they help seal moisture in your hair’s cuticles!

But did you know that they also act as thermal protection? That’s right. Hair oils protect your hair from heat!

But more than that, they encourage growth by providing your scalp with essential nutrients. For example, carrot seed oil contains Vitamin A and E, as well as beta-carotene. This helps improve blood circulation, promote shiny and silky hair, and helps strengthen the roots.

Use a Fragrance-Free Conditioner

Most conditioners contain chemicals that are bad for your scalp and hair cuticles. This means that they penetrate through the skin, irritating the scalp, and leading to hair fall.

 You want to go for a natural approach when it comes to taking care of your mane.

This is important because harsh chemicals don’t just affect your hair, they also affect your mind and body.

Using a natural conditioner can do wonders to your hair. Since dry and damaged hair is super absorbent, a chemical-free conditioner can easily provide it with the nutrients it needs.

Oil your hair 3 times a week, and use a natural conditioner every alternate day for the best results!

At Allurials, we offer organic, natural hair care products that do not contain toxic ingredients. You can count on us for all your hair care woes! Contact us to place an order today!

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