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Emortal Pea Peptides Benifits


Scientists have recently introduced a stem cell booster for hair growth stimulation and hair loss prevention, Pisum Sativum, More commonly known by the name Pea peptide, which is both natural and safe for the use. As we are all well aware that the pea is a green pod-like vegetable which is widely known for its health benefits all around the globe, it is safe to use and healthy to eat so, logically the peptides too come without any health risks that the scientists have found till date. While manufacturing pea peptides, only the active ingredients from the pea plant stem cells were concentrated and developed into peptides. It was created from the peptides of peas, which have a size of less than 2000 Mw. It possesses cell regenerative and anti-aging properties due to which it is said to enhance follicle stem cells to promote hair growth. Reportedly, it also prevents hair loss making use of the counteractive hair loss factor TGF- β1.


Pea peptide is a clear to translucent, lightweight liquid which gives off a very mild odour. It comes in the form of slightly brown liquid and can be assimilated into hair care formulations. It has water-soluble properties. Although there are many types of peptides (synthetic or natural), the peptides we make use of are derived from peas.



  • Pea peptides are well known to be beneficial both for the skin and hair.
  • It consists of proteins that help in the production of collagen in the body.
  • They are a complete source of balanced amino acids.
  • Pea peptides are unique and rich in lysine which is a very good anti-aging agent.
  • It has moisture-binding properties which locks moisture in the skin and thus reduces acne.
  • It helps to repair damaged cells both on the skin and the scalp and mends the pores.
  • Pea peptides are known as anti-oxidants, anti- inflammatory peptides which help to firm the skin.
  • The collagen present in these peptides reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It stimulates follicle stem cells which in turn promote hair growth.
  • Last but not the least, these peptides leave the skin and hair soft and smooth in texture.