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Silk Peptide

Silk Peptides are manufactures using Silk Amino Acids which are the vital ingredients for anti-aging, reducing wrinkles and fine lining. Due to their beneficial purposes, silk peptides are added in many beauty purposes as they are easily engrossed in the skin and hair. Apart from all the other benefits of silk peptides, they deliver and preserve moisture, protect skin from dehydration, revive skin tone, reduce wrinkles, keep your skin tissues hydrated and give it a smooth, silk-like feel.

Silk Amino acids are basically natural water-soluble glycoproteins extracted from raw silk. The presence of large quantities of Serine in them makes them an outstanding moisturiser. Serine forms a protective layer on the skin and is responsible for the smooth silk-like texture.     All these unusual skin-care benefits come from the unique properties of amino acids (also known as Serine) which give them the ability to become water-soluble agents. Silkworms produce silk proteins naturally which are then chemically extracted through a process called hydrolysis. Once this silk is hydrolysed, it becomes a low-odour, water-soluble cosmetic silk protein and functions as a conditioning agent for skin and hair, most commonly used in shampoos, hair products, moisturizers and soaps.


The key cause that makes silk amino-acids the king chemical for its miraculous antiaging skin care properties is the large quantities of hydroxyl amino present in them which are recognized for their vital role in regulating moisture content of the skin and water binding process. Silk amino acids possess very powerful properties which help in avoiding wrinkles and fine lines because they are light in weight and easily pierce the skin layer due to their protein-bonding affinity.


Clinical studies have demonstrated that silk peptides consist of many anti-oxidant properties that help in the prevention of wrinkling of skin. Lastly, because of their high molecular weight, silk peptides leave behind semi-occlusive films that remain on the surface to protect the skin. This provides us with an extra benefit of increasing skin penetrability which further increases the skin’s battle with the fine lines