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5 Ways to Look Your Best This Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just a few weeks away, it's time to spring into action!

You may have started planning a sweet surprise for your beau, but there's something else you need to take care of for the big day: yourself.5 Ways to Look Your Best This Valentine's Day

No, this isn't so you can look good for them. It's about indulging in luxurious self-care that makes you feel good!

It's important that you celebrate love in every form this Valentine's Day—especially self-love.

Read on for five ways you can feel and look like an ethereal goddess on the big day:

1. Snatch Your Skin!

It's time to ditch the chemicals and nourish your skin with natural ingredients for some much-needed internal and external TLC. Not only will your skin thank you by clearing up and glowing, but your system will also reap the benefits of the gentle ingredients.

Toss the toxins out and incorporate natural aloe vera gel into your daily bedtime skincare routine. You'll begin noticing softer, smoother, and clearer skin in as little as a week. And when the big day rolls in, your skin will be ready for makeup, serving as a smooth canvas with minimized blemishes, pores, and textural irregularities.

Packed with antioxidants, this natural powerhouse of an ingredient also combats pigmentation issues and discoloration so you may be able to get away with minimal foundation for fresh skin that glows like a dream!   

2. Fabulous Hair? Check!

Pamper your hair with all the love in the world by indulging in hair masks, nutrient-laden oils, and a gentle conditioner. A few weeks of the right hair care will make all the difference in hair texture, shine, elasticity, and softness on the big day.

You'll fall in love with how healthy your hair feels and will hopefully stick to these habits long after Valentine's Day!

We recommend opting for organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed carrot seed oil for luscious locks packed with volume, bounce, and fullness. Use aloe vera as a rich hair mask or cleansing conditioner for instant results that only get better with consistent usage.

A natural conditioner that’s formulated without fragrance and toxins will further nurse your locks back to health. Our Allurials Conditioner does just that by packing a blend of vitamins, essential oils, and silk peptides.

3. Pick a Bombshell Outfit

5 Ways to Look Your Best This Valentine's Day

Pair your refreshed locks and glowy skin with a stunning outfit for a look that screams magic.

While you want to make sure you pick a gorgeous dress, don't forget to prioritize comfort!

Opting for something too tight could end up restricting you—especially since it's very likely that your beau has a fun-filled day of adventure planned for you.

Go for a sexy yet comfy dress that makes you feel at ease. We've love vibrant and breezy two-pieces that pack flirty fun and swoon-worthy magic. Here's some more inspiration to get things going!

4. Don't Forget to Give Your Body Some TLC

Body care is always a must! Treat your skin to a nutritious and hydrating lotion so your body gleams just like your skin does on the big day.

You'll feel more comfortable and relaxed with hydrated skin that isn't thirsty for moisture.

5 Ways to Look Your Best This Valentine's Day

Our velvety goat's milk body lotion will nourish your skin to the core to ensure softness, sleekness, and smoothness that lasts all day and beyond!

It also includes a sweet blend of shea butter (everyone's ultimate holy grail), coconut milk, honey, and argan oil for an added touch of luxurious TLC.

5. Accessorize Away!

While you may have everything ready for the big day, forgetting the accessories is a major Valentine's Day faux pas that you'll end up regretting.

5 Ways to Look Your Best This Valentine's Day

Pair your look with a melange of classic and eye-popping statement rings to add the perfect touch of vivacious to your look. We also recommend taking along a warm wrap in case it gets chilly.

Want to indulge in more self-care for the big day? Head over to our Instagram for a glimpse of our products and their incredible benefits that are bound to make you feel wholesome and nourished.

From pure carrot oil to organically-sourced and formulated aloe vera gel, our all-natural ingredients will heal your body from within for glow that radiates on the outside!

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